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A Little Slice of Heaven

Find some of the best pizza on El Salvador's beachesTunco Veloz - Playa El Tunco
By: Nanelle Newbom
Photos: Lucas Paolo Krainz

For all the remarkable popularity of Pizza Hut here in El Salvador, it is not easy to find a delicious pie. No slam to the big chain, but I find their product to be flavorless and bland. For San Salvadorans with cars or money for the weekend shuttle, one great option for pizza is a trip to the beach where Tunco Veloz has recently expanded from a tiny little stand to a very spacious full-service restaurant.

If you are a fan of thick crusts or sauce laid-on super thick, this is the opposite - Tunco Veloz serves up thin crust pizza using a variety of ingredients. My favorite is the Jala-Piña (spicy jalapeno and sweet pineapple) and their Vegetarian Pizza is flavorful and fresh. No sauce dripping down your chin. No steamy chewy bread. I love pizza served in either extreme, so I am happy with the thin crust. It features the toppings well and allows me to have another slice without feeling over-full.

The ever-expanding patio gets pretty full on some weekends, but they are more than willing to improvise a table for hungry customers. Tunco Veloz, like most pizza places, is child friendly, and is a good location for large groups (if you call ahead). The prices are moderate for the beach, and two can happily share a large pizza and walk away with a full stomach for about $5.00 after the split. This is dining at its most casual, and I am fairly certain shirts and shoes are optional for everyone. I saw everything from stylish, colorful, platform sandals to bare feet along the same bar, so come as you are, and come hungry.

How to get there: Playa El Tunco is 4 mi/7 km west of Puerto La Libertad on the coast. Tunco Veloz is located on the main street in El Tunco, across from hotel Tekuani Kal. Look for the bamboo gate and a banner that says “Tunco Veloz” out front. Catch bus #80 (Sunzal) from La Libertad to the first turn-off for El Tunco. It’s a short walk down the main road to the restaurant.

Hours: 5pm – 10pm, Tuesday-Sunday (CLOSED Mondays)
Sample Prices: Starters - $3, Large Pizza - $10, Beer - $1.50, Parking – Free.