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Dive El Salvador

Dive an Active Volcanic Crater!
Slip under the warm waters of Lake Ilopango, located a short 30 minute drive from San Salvador and experience a new underwater world.  Relax in the warm water from underwater steam vents, check out drop-offs of 250 meters, and find unusual geothermal phenomenon. 

Tours to Ilopango cost $45 and include two tanks, all gear and air, dives at two different sites at the lake, bottled water, transport from San Salvador and fun and games on the boat!

Boat Rental Option at Ilopango: Boat and driver starting at $40.  Contact Buceo Aquatica for more information.

Contact: Sam Masri, Buceo Acuatica
Phone (Spanish and English): +503 7888-0030
Website: www.buceoaquatica.com


Beer and Burgers Tour

First, we'll take you to a hidden local burger bistro for a lunch you won't soon forget.  This burger is 1/2 pound of hand-chosen, specially-ground beef and loaded with spices, topped with smoked bacon and nestled in a home-made sourdough bun. Not only will this monster burger fill you up, you'll be craving more!  (For our vegetarian friends, the bistro also offers fresh green salads and vegetarian paninis.)

Then we'll teach you about the local brews offered here in El Salvador and the history of the oldest brewery in the country.  A bilingual guide will take you up close and personal with all the brewing equipment, you'll taste and smell the hops and malts and walk the brewery floor to learn how the brewery bottles tens of thousands of bottles per day.  The tour finishes in the beautiful on-site pub where you'll get to taste all of the local brews and maybe even a few exports, depending on what's on-hand.

After the brewery tour we'll take a mini-walking tour of Central San Salvador's sights.  This 40 minute walk takes in the National Palace, the National Theater, the Rosario Church and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

For more information, contact


Historic San Salvador Tour

In the 1950’s National Geographic named El Salvador one of the best places in the world to live.  Before the war, it was a vibrant, affluent society and it showed in its downtown district of the country’s capital.   It wasn’t until a series of fires and earthquakes destroyed sections of the city, followed by the civil war, which left the heart of the city on life support.  This tour takes you through the historical centre of the city and tells the stories still lurking in the shells of beautiful buildings repurposed for markets, shelters, and healing centers for local brujos (witch doctors).  Follow your guide, an art history professor, who brings the city to life with stories about the buildings, art and culture.  Some things you can expect to learn:

Contact for pricing and a detailed itinerary: WTF Adventures -

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Follow the Footsteps of the Maya

 We'll start at Joya de Ceren, El Salvador's only World Heritage Site, often referred to the "Pompeii of the Americas.”  This Mayan village was covered beneath meters of ash and almost perfectly preserved.  While the occupants had plenty of time to escape, what they left behind has been an invaluable source of information about their lifestyles and daily habits.

Choose your mode of transportation (walking, oxcart, horseback or mountain bike) and we’ll take off into the farmlands, stopping at a cornfield and a sugar cane farm where local farmers explain the process from planting to harvest of two of the most important crops in El Salvador. At each stop, the local women prepare traditional foods from corn and sugar cane and you'll get to taste a variety of typical treats.

As the tour winds through the farmlands, local guides explain legends and show examples of rammed earth architecture used by the Mayans at Joya de Ceren and still used today.

We'll finish at San Andres, an archeological site still being excavated, but thought to be one of the biggest in El Salvador.  A local guide will explain the various structures that are uncovered and "the last Mayan" can answer all your questions about his culture.

For a detailed itinerary, contact:  WTF Adventures - info@wtf-elsalvador


A Night Out With Lucha LIbre!

Experience the “real El Salvador” in one of the country’s most historical sports – Lucha Libre.  Located in an underground parking garage with fluorescent lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling and burned out cars in the corner, this is El Salvador’s version of “Fight Club”.   This tour takes you to the heart of El Salvador, in a completely safe environment to mingle with locals while shouting obscenities at your favorite fighters’ enemies.  This is no stadium, you can get right between the ropes to take photos and take pics with your favorite wrestlers after the matches. 

Tour includes: Transportation to/from your hotel, a stop at the local food festival, a mini-walking tour of Central San Salvador (the National Theater, the National Palace, the Rosario Church and the Metropolitan Cathedral), entrance to the fight, and your first beer's on us!

From San Salvador – Luis Bautista (English/Espanol)
Phone: (503) 7681-3744
(503) 7748-0018
Price: $25 per person

From the La Libertad area and San Salvador - Darren Clarke (English/Espanol)  
Phone: (503) 7844-0858
(minimum 3 people from beaches)
Price: $30 per person