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El Cadejo

The Legend of El Cadejo

When God saw all of the obstacles and problems that humans faced everyday, he created a being to protect them - the cadejo.  It took the form of a white dog with glowing red eyes and offers protection to all of its faithful followers.

When the Devil saw the white cadejo, he became jealous and created his own cadejo, a black dog with eyes like burning coals.  The black cadejo haunts people who wander late at night and tries to hypnotize them with his burning red eyes.  According to the legend, if he successfully hypnotizes you, he will steal your soul.  

The white cadejo keeps its evil counterpart from stealing the souls of its believers, especially the babies and children.  Sometimes this means that the white and black cadejos cross paths and engage in fierce battles.  Some people believe they can also ward off the black cadejo with ritual incense, but perhaps it's just better not to wander through the countryside alone at night!