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Animal Slang

 Throughout El Salvador, people use different words for common animals than other countries in Latin America.  Below are some of the most common things you might hear as you’re travelling around.

Chucho – Dog

It has a slightly derogatory feeling to it, you’ll hear it mosty in reference to the street dogs here.  It can also be jokingly used for someone’s dog who’s just done something slightly naughty.

Garrobo – Iguana

Garrobo will be on the menu in rural restaurants and you may see people selling them on the side of the road. 

Tunco – Pig

Most tourists learn this word when they visit Playa El Tunco near Puerto La Libertad.  Why call the town Tunco?  The large rock out in the ocean used to look like a pig before the ocean wore away at it over the years. 

Bicho – Kid

While kids aren’t an example of an animal, you’ll hear the locals refer to the kids as “insects” throughout the country.  When you’re swarmed with a group of kids in the rural areas, you’ll understand why!