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Welcome to Waves Tours Fiestas, the newest bilingual travel magazine covering everything El Salvador. Waves Tours Fiestas is working to provide the best information on entertainment, restaurants, luxury and budget hotels, public and private transportation and medical services throughout the country.  We also offer a glimpse into Salvadoran culture with information on cultural events, festivals, Salvadoran slang, traditions and mythology.  Articles in WTF also highlight volunteer opportunities from the many non-profit organizations working throughout the country.   Over and over again we hear tourists say, “What is there to do in El Salvador besides surf?”  Well, we’ve been exploring the country for years and still haven’t run out of options! 

After our launch in October, 2012, we are working to be the most up-to-date source of events, quality tours, unique arts, festivals and activities in El Salvador.   Companies operating in El Salvador change rapidly and we are working hard to bring you accurate information about quality businesses throughout the country.  El Salvador has a problem with maintaining quality at times, so we try to bring you only the best the country has to offer.  Please have patience with us as we get up and running, and feel free to send us information through our contacts page.


Nicole Garcia, Director